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London Uses Buses to Give Real-Time Traffic Updates

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London Bus Traffic Updates

Buses in London will now feature current traffic reports
Photo: Time Out London Twitter

Google Maps is really handy when it comes to checking traffic conditions, but when you’re out on the open road—especially in busy city traffic—you really shouldn’t be fumbling around with your phone. Instead, why not look at the bus in front of you? If you’re in London, that’s exactly what you can do now.

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As part of a new initiative to improve traffic in central London, Transport for London (TfL) has started displaying real-time traffic updates on the back of its buses. This move has made the iconic red double-deckers good for more than just getting around town and sight-seeing—and it is also making history. According to a report from BBC, this is the first time ever passengers and drivers will be able to receive updates about traffic via public transportation.

“This innovative use of one of the Capital’s most iconic features—the London bus—will help all road users,” said Garrett Emmerson, TfL’s chief operating officer for surface transport. “We’re focused on keeping London moving and on giving drivers real-time information through a range of channels to help them avoid congested roads and reduce wasted time and needless pollution from idling cars.”

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The displays are electronic boards outfitted with GPS technology. These boards receive data from TfL’s 24-hour traffic control center, updating as the day goes on. The only buses that currently feature these helpful updates are currently situated on bus route 344, which runs between Clapham Junction and Liverpool Street. Soon, though, TfL hopes to spread this tech all across the city.

News Source: BBC