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Ford Releases Looking Further with Ford 2019 Trends Report

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Looking Further with Ford 2019 Trends Report

Ford has released its seventh Looking Further with Ford Trends Report, which looks ahead to several trends that the automaker believes will shape the landscape in 2019. The Looking Further with Ford 2019 Trends Report features insights with respect to the adoption of autonomous technology, our interactions with technology and devices, and the concept of change as a whole.

According to a survey that spanned 14 different countries, 87 percent of adults see technology as the largest motivator of change, with 79 percent saying that technology is inherently a force for good. This is not to say that there are not concerns, particularly when it comes to the impact of technology on our emotions and the ever-present fear that artificial intelligence could become a source of harm. A majority said that they would undo behavioral changes caused by technology, with 69 percent of all adults nicely saying that timeouts from smart devices should be mandatory.

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“Individually and collectively, these behavioral changes can take us from feeling helpless to feeling empowered and unleash a world of wonder, hope and progress,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford global consumer trends and futuring manager. “At Ford we are deeply focused on human-centric design and are committed to finding mobility solutions that help improve the lives of consumers and their communities. In the context of change, we have to protect what we consider most valuable — having a trusted relationship with our customers. So we are always deliberate and thoughtful about how we navigate change.”

This year’s trends are lumped into seven categories: The Tech Divide, Digital Detox, Reclaiming Control, Many Faces of Me, Life’s Work, Eco-Momentum, and Easy Street. While each trend category is broken down into a number of questions and considerations, Ford brings each back to how it plans to affect change. With respect to the environment, it reminds readers about its plans to launch 16 EVs by 2022; with respect to cutting down on stress and making commutes easier, it touches on its self-driving pilot programs.

You can check out the 2019 Looking Further with Ford 2019 Trends Report at

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