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Lotte Rent-a-Car Partners with GM Korea to Offer Chevy Bolts to Customers

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Chevy, Lotte Rent-a-Car to work together to start popularizing electric cars

General Motors Korea has signed an agreement with Lotte Rent-a-Car to provide Chevy Bolt electric vehicles to the company as rental cars.

The business agreement ceremony was held at the GM Bupyeong plant in Korea. In attendance was President James Kim of Korea; Dale Sullivan, Vice President of Marketing, A / S and Marketing; Nam Seung-hyun (Managing Director); and Kim Moon-Il (Green Car).

Per this new agreement, Chevy will supply Bolt EVs to Lotte carmakers, allowing the bowtie brand to further expand the Volt EV experience through rental cars and car sharing. Additionally, Chevrolet and Lotte have decided to formulate a detailed joint program to expand the eco-friendly electric vehicle business.

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“Chevrolet is making efforts to popularize eco-friendly cars in the Korean auto market, starting with Volt, an electric car that was launched last month and bolt EV,” said GM James Kim, president of GM Korea. “We plan to further expand contacts between Chevrolet eco-friendly products and customers by actively supporting the expansion of rental and car sharing services based on the friendly relationship of Chevrolet.”

The Volt EV has been certified as having a 383-kilometer range, and recently a local Korean company succeeded in completing the more than 470 km journey from Seoul to Jeju on a single charge.

In October of last year, Chevrolet and Lotte Rent-a-Car launched the Volt 1 +1 promotion in advance of the EREV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) Volt. Now, the companies are trying to expand our experience.

Chevrolet will also be hosting a Volt EV test drive event at the Seoul Motor Show later this month, and also sponsored a pre-release of the Volt EV at the International Electric Car Expo held recently in Jeju.

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