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Love At First Sight? Ford, Tinder Match Up Couples in a Mustang for Blind Date

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Ford Mustang Tinder blind date

In case you were not aware, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s okay. It’s an easy enough holiday to forget; after all, it’s not like, you know, it actually means anything. Unless, that is, you are in a relationship with someone to whom Valentine’s Day means something. In which case, perhaps you should make good some quick little escape so that you can run out to the shop to buy some flowers or a chicken dinner or something.

If you are not in a relationship currently, you may be using some sort of dating app or website for the purposes of meeting people. One of the more popular apps along these lines is Tinder, which allows users to “swipe right” on profiles of people with whom you believe you might be compatible. If you used Tinder in December at any point, you may have been matched up with a Ford Mustang.

Of the 1.5 million Tinder users who interacted with the profile for the Ford Mustang—which read “It’s the date you’ve been waiting for—Ford Mustang wants to take you on a blind date like no other”—five couples were chosen to participate in a blind date that began behind the wheel of the iconic sports car.

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After some awkward small talk—and one particularly embarrassing bit where a fella named Tom mistakenly called his date, Matt, by the wrong name—the five couples received a call on the Mustang’s SYNC 3 infotainment system from “Cupid,” voiced by TV star Jarred Christmas.

The cherubic symbol of love encouraged a more open and direct line of conversation by asking questions about secret tattoos and whether or not the blind daters had ever taken a belfie—in other words, a selfie of one’s own butt. Basically, Ford’s idea of cupid is a butt-obsessed KITT.

In the end, the couples were directed to a warehouse for an old-fashioned drive-in movie and asked whether they wished to continue their blind dates. In all five cases, the answer seemed to be a resounding yes.

So, hey, the next time you are on a dating app and are asked to see if you are compatible with a car, maybe be open-minded and give it a whirl.

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