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Lyft is Getting Spooky this Weekend with ‘Stranger Things’ Rides

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Lyft Stranger Things Netflix Hand in Ceiling

Five fingers through the ceiling = five star Lyft rating

To celebrate the release of the second season of Netflix’s original series Stranger Things on Friday, October 27th, Lyft will be offering spooktacular rides this Halloween weekend to those in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. “Strange Mode,” which will be available from 4 to 9pm, takes riders to the Upside Down, complete with flickering lights, slimy slugs, Eggo waffles, and a hand reaching through the ceiling.

Stranger Things Joyce Byers


Is that John Cena handing out waffles?

Near the end of the promo video, a group of hazmat wearing individuals approach the vehicle to hand passengers a waffle, of course. Funnily enough, one commenter on the video claims to have seen none other than John Cena in one of the hazmat suits.

John Cena Stranger Things Lyft Strange Mode Photo

Any true Cena fan knows you can’t really see him



The whole ride seems to be fairly entertaining, with multiple references to the show, including post-Upside Down Will puking out slugs and the signature theme song that gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. The only criticism I have is the super cheesy Demogorgon hand that pops out of the center console:

Lyft Stranger Things Netflix Demogorgon Hand

In any case, this promotion is sure to get fans of the show hyped, if they’re not already. Unfortunately for me, a resident of Ohio, I won’t be able to enjoy anything cool like this. I’ll just have to stick to binge-watching the entire second season and hoping I can get some sleep before Monday rolls around.

But for those who do live in LA or Philly, check your Lyft app for cars adorned with Christmas lights or other show references to know if you’ll be taking a ride in Strange Mode.