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Make Your Dumb Car Smarter with These Gadgets

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An outdated (I mean, “retro”) dashboard that lacks the exciting infotainment screen and high-tech perks. 
Photo: Taxiguy57

If you currently own (or are in the process of buying) an older vehicle, it likely doesn’t have the smart technology perks that a newer ride offers. Thanks to some nifty gadgets, you can give your vehicle a high-tech makeover to access some of the same amenities that come standard on younger autos.

Backup Camera

Now you can enjoy the expanded vision and streamlined parking experience that drivers of newer vehicles take advantage of each day. Add-on backup camera devices like this PLCM7500 model from Pyle are definitely an investment in safety. Reviewers testify that this accessory is easy to install and use, so even the most tech-handicapped driver should be able to figure out implementation.

Photo: Yama Lee

Vehicle Diagnostic

The Carista device is an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter that provides you with a steady stream of vehicle data to help you take care of your car. It furnishes useful information such as dealer-level vehicle diagnostics of all modules in your vehicle. You can also use it to set certain features in your car so they remain the same each time you step behind the wheel, to reduce time spent fiddling with dashboard controls during your drive.

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Head-Up Display

New for this summer, the Hudway Cast offers a head-up display alternative if your car doesn’t currently have a built-in system for this function. Like the name implies, the Hudway Cast projects information that would typically show on your phone screen onto your car’s windshield, so you can keep your eyes on the road. Access information including navigation, playlists and contacts in a more convenient way. This accessory is especially useful if you frequently drive solo for work or take long road trips.

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