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[GALLERY] Making Room for Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show

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Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show New Generation i20_interior_22 (2)

While the Paris Motor Show is one of the biggest and most prestigious auto shows for luxury and sports models, it’s not uncommon for more humble brands to reveal their new family members as well– just without all the pomp and circumstance.

There were two new models paraded by Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show: the i20 hatchback and the H350 cargo van. And, while neither vehicle might be as sensational as anything flaunted by Jaguar or Ferrari, Hyundai’s stars are far more likely to show up in most car owners’ driveways.

New Generation i20 Revealed by Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show

We have to admit that with all the hot reds and moody blacks roaming the Paris Motor Show, did Hyundai really think brown was the best color in which to reveal the new generation hatchback we all were dying to see? Whatever happened to the sleek silver/lavender tone of the original concept drawings?

Frankly, we prefer the Elite version available in India.

Nevertheless, the European-targeted compact city car got some attention at the Paris Auto Show for its boundary-pushing spacious trunk (offering 326 liters of cargo space). This second-generation redesign of the i20 which was revealed by Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show will replace the Hyundai Getz. The new version will be offered in a 5-door model and 3-door variant, as well as many gasoline or diesel options.

Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show  New Generation i20_exterior_04

H350 Cargo Van Promoted by Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show

We already saw the official debut of the Hyundai H350 cargo van at the Hannover Motor Show a couple weeks ago, after having been teased with its creepy concept sketches. But, Hyundai still went out of its way to make the presence of the H350 mini-bus known at the Paris Auto Show. That’s fitting, considering the primary target for the new large-capacity van is Europe, where it will be available in van, cab, or minibus formats.

While the brand new cargo van is not nearly as awkward looking as it originally seemed, nor as revolutionary as Hyundai hoped it would be, it will fit comfortably in its market. The version displayed by Hyundai at the Paris Auto Show featured a single sliding side door and 50/50 barn-style rear doors. You’ll also notice the trademark hexagonal grille and wraparound headlights that marriage it to the rest of the Hyundai family.

Hyundai at the Paris Motor Show Hannover Motor Show 140924 H350 bus van - Copy