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Man Crashes Car and Lives Five Days in the Woods

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car crash Velasquez
Photo: Thue

In Houston, Texas, Jose Velasquez was in a terrible car crash that injured him and left him trapped in the woods. After five days, Velasquez was found by rescuers and was miraculously alive.

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How Velasquez survived

On June 26th, Velasquez was driving alone and crashed his car. When he woke up after the crash, he had no memory of it but knew that he was badly hurt. With his injuries, he was stuck in the woods near his car, with no water or food.

For five days, Velasquez survived by drinking rainwater and living off the land. Later, he told ABC 13, “I honestly think that when you’re put in a situation where your life is in jeopardy, your survival instincts kick in, because I’m not an outdoors person at all.”

When his family and friends couldn’t find his whereabouts, they contacted Texas EquuSearch for help. The volunteer-based search and rescue group tracked Velasquez’s cell phone to locate him and then saw his white car bumper in the woods. Texas EquuSearch found him lying by his car.

A GoFundMe was created to raise money for Velasquez’s medical bills. According to the GoFundMe, “He had a broken femur, multiple broken ribs, a broken nose, fractured [vertebrae]” and was in the Memorial Herman Hospital for 18 days.

Velasquez has a lot of physical therapy and recovery ahead, but he told ABC 13 that he hopes he will be able to walk again by the time he gets married in January.

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With his injuries and lack of food and water, it’s amazing that Velasquez was able to come out of the situation alive. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery quickly.

News Source: Yahoo Lifestyle