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Man in Pickup Fires on Soldiers in Jade Helm, Conspiracy Theories Fly

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Hey, remember how there are people who think that the military’s Jade Helm exercises were just a cover for a government plot to impose martial law and take our guns?

Well, now someone in Mississippi is actually shooting at the soldiers.

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Because shooting your gun at soldiers is always the rational act of an intelligent person
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On August 4th and again on the 5th, a white male driving a red (or maroon) pickup truck opened fire at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces training center, shooting at troops on the 4th and into the air on the 5th. Both times, he quickly sped off, and thankfully nobody has been reported hurt.

Camp Shelby is now at a heightened state of alert, especially since it hasn’t even been two full weeks since a man armed with an assault rifle and a handgun drove his rented car through the fence of the Navy-Marine reserve center in Chattanooga, killing five of the (almost entirely) unarmed people inside.

Police found a vehicle matching the suspect’s truck description on the 4th, and questioned two men, who were released afterward.

Here’s where the conspiracy theory comes in.

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Hold on, we have to be properly dressed
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On the windshield of the truck are the words “BROKEN ARROW.” Conspiracy theory websites noted that a logo from a “leaked” slideshow presentation for the Jade Helm exercise (posted to a conspiracy theory website, All News Pipeline) included two broken arrows. “Broken Arrow,” in military code, is used to signal for assistance when a unit or camp has been overrun.

Police are still investigating and searching for the suspect or suspects.

News Source: Talking Points Memo