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Man In Woman’s Car, Wearing Her Slippers: ‘God Sent Me’

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Zakiy I Muhammad

Zakiy I Muhammad

How’s this for the plot of a teen novel:

A 68-year-old woman receives a shock when she returns from a bus trip to find a man reclining in her car and wearing her slippers.

Predictably, she yells at the man to get out of her car, and receives the second shock of the day.

The man replies that God had sent him.

In a teen novel, they would go on to save the world from some sort of demonic force. However, all of these events happened in real life, in New Jersey, so the outcome was a little different, and not at all like Harry Potter.

After the man told her that he was sent by God, the passengers on the bus, including the driver, rushed to help remove the man. They got him in the bus while they waited for police to arrive.

At first, when police arrived, the man gave a made up name and address, and kept repeating that he was sent by God. Eventually, though, police were able to identify the man as Zakiy I Muhammad.

He had apparently gotten into the car because it was left unlocked.