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Man Steals Car to Get to Car Thievery Hearing

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You’d think that stealing a car and getting caught would be enough to make you think twice about stealing a car in the future. But that was not the case for Timothy Frederick Knight, a 53-year-old from San Francisco.

Knight, a man with seven prior convictions, was arrested last February for possession of a stolen car. After his arrest, his preliminary hearing was set for the beginning of April. Just a few days prior to the hearing, Knight somehow found himself in possession of yet another stolen vehicle, upon which police placed a tracker in order to find the thief. Lo and behold, Knight was caught on April 3rd driving the stolen car to a preliminary hearing about another stolen car.

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Knight’s court hearing was postponed, and he was picked up by police as he returned to the car upon dismissal from the courthouse. He is now being held on $165,000 bail, and faces up to eight years in prison after agreeing to a plea deal.

We can only hope that he doesn’t decide to steal a car to get him home once he is released from jail sometime next decade.

News Source: The Daily Journal