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Man Under the Influence Asked to Step Out of Car, Checks Facebook Instead

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Often, when we hear someone going on and on about how social media and modern technology are destroying our minds and ushering in a new Dark Age, we have to roll our eyes and think “Those silly older people—Facebook never got in the way of my life.” Then we send out a Tweet about how not all Twitterers (Tweeters?) or Facebookers (Facelibrarians?) are compulsive social media checkers.

Male distracted driver on cell phone study dangerous driving


Of course, then someone does something like 39-year-old Sean Welenc.

sean welenc

This smirking guy
Image: Greenfield Police

The story starts at the nice, friendly time of 3am. Greenfield, Massachusetts Police Officer Jay Butynski spotted a car that had driven into a marshy grass area beside a church and had sunk several inches into the mud. Probably thinking “huh, that’s odd,” Butynski pulled into the parking lot, while the person in the car (Welenc) turned off the lights, possibly trying to pull a Blues-Brothers-style escape.

Butynski decided that there was reason to believe Welenc was driving under the influence, so asked him to step out of the car. Instead, in a move that would make millenials everywhere proud, Welenc checked his Facebook feed.

Man on cell phone in car

Hold on, I need to find out what character from Harry Potter I am

When he finished, Welenc actually did get out and made threatening gestures toward Butynski, which escalated to a fight as another officer arrived to help arrest Welenc.

After taking Welenc into custody (and presumably assuring him that his Farmville account would probably be just fine), officers found drug paraphernalia and a small bag of cocaine in Welenc’s car.

Cell Phone in Car

Cops took my cocaine frowny face angry face crying face poop face lol

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