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Man Uses Uber as Getaway Car

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Uber rideshare program getaway vehicle

The ultimate getaway vehicle

One of the most important components of planning an armed robbery is having a reliable getaway car driven by a trusted ally. But Dashawn Terrell Cochran of Parkland, Maryland, had a better idea, and decided to use rideshare program Uber to help get him away from the scene of his crime.

Cochran held up a store in Parkville after taking a bottle of cold medicine to the register, pointing a gun at the employee, and demanding money. He was able to make it out of the store with his loot, and jumped into a silver Lexus. Police officers quickly pulled the car over, and the driver told them he was with Uber. Neither the driver nor the second passenger was arrested after police deemed they were unaware of the crime they were helping Cochran escape from.

Cochran was arrested and charged with armed robbery, first-degree and second-degree assault, and theft less than $1,000.

Maybe he would have had better luck if he’d gone with Lyft instead.

News Source: ABC News