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Man with a Near-Perfect March Madness Bracket Receives a Complementary Trip to a “Sweet 16” Tournament Game from Buick

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One basketball fan’s bracket earned him a trip to the NCAA tournament
Photo: NCAA Basketball/Phil Roeder

For most people who participate in a March Madness bracket, the most that they will win is money from a pool their office forms. Gregg Nigl, a neuropsychologist from Ohio and Michigan native, recently received a much larger prize.

Due to the strength of Nigl’s bracket, he and his son Kaiden were flown out to the Sweet 16 matchup between Texas Tech and the Michigan Wolverines.

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Leading up to the Sweet 16, Nigl’s bracket was the strongest on record, as it was perfect through the first two rounds of the tournament. Seeing as how Buick is the official automotive sponsor of the March Madness tournament, the automaker decided to provide tickets and transportations to the Michigan/Texas Tech game in Anaheim, California.

Unfortunately for Nigl, the Sweet 16 is when his perfect bracket started to fall apart. Right around the time when the Michigan/Texas Tech game was taking palace, Purdue scored a surprise victory over Tennessee, securing its placement in the Elite Eight.  This outcome was not one that Nigl had accounted for.

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Still, Nigl was reportedly within 14 wins of achieving the perfect bracket. That’s closer than nearly anyone has ever gotten to creating a flawless March Madness record, according to NCAA experts.

While the chance of achieving a perfect bracket has now slipped through Nigl’s grasp, at least he received a free trip to California to watch a Sweet 16 tournament game featuring his favorite team, the Michigan Wolverines. Plus, he’ll likely walk away with the grand prizes of any March Madness bracket competitions that he’s a part of.

News Source: Detroit Free Press