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Mardenborough Joins Racing’s Elite in BRDC

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Mardenborough joins the motorsport elite


Let’s face facts: it’s incredibly unlikely that you will ever be interrupted in the middle of your Diablo III campaign by an actual witch doctor enlisting your aid in saving the people of New Tristram. The fantasy world of video games is destined to be lived out on the screen only…that is unless you are Jann Mardenborough, who has ascended the ranks of professional racing after first earning his stripes in the 2011 Nissan PlayStation GT Academy competition. Mardenborough continues his dream-like run by being named the newest member of the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC), officially notching him among the greats in the sport today.

“I have watched Jann from the very start of his racing career because I was curious and at first very skeptical,” said Derek Warwick, President of the BRDC.  “However, it was obvious right from the start that Jann was much more than a PR stunt. He was quick and has become a real racing driver. Jann has that steel in his eyes that tells you that he has the will to succeed. Sure he made a few mistakes at the start, but he learned very fast and has now become one of Britain’s brightest stars and with this has surprised a lot of people and has now earned the respect of his fellow drivers. We at the BRDC saw this. That is why we made him a BRDC Rising Star almost straightaway, and he has now become a Full Member in his own right. We are very proud to have Jann as a Member of the British Racing Drivers’ Club.”

It’s fair to say that Mr. Warwick and the British Racing Drivers’ Club like Jann just a little bit.

BRDC pegged Jann as one of their Rising Stars after his first professional season. As an official member, he joins the ranks of such industry legends and stalwarts as the Earl of March, Mario Andretti, Alex Buncombe, and Sebastian Vettel.

Source: Nissan