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Mary Barra Returns to Congress on June 18 for Hearing

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Mary Barra Returns to Congress on June 18 for Hearing

Mary Barra returns to Congress on June 18 for hearing

General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, has done a laudable job following the revelation of the GM ignition switch failures, especially having known nothing of the issue until days before. She has already been to Congress to testify, but she did not have many clear answers. Barra promised Congress that she would return once she learned more about what happened through the recently released Valukas report, a 320-page report put together by internal investigator, Anton Valukas.

Valukas will appear in Congress alongside Barra.

“This testimony by Barra and Valukas is a critical step in our ongoing investigation to uncover the facts as we determine what went wrong and what we can do to prevent future tragedies,” said Rep. Fred Upston, R-St. Joseph, chair of the House committee, and Rep. Tim Murphy, chair of the very panel that will be questioning Barra, in a statement.

Greg Martin, a GM spokesman, added, “Ms. Barra wants to return to Congress and update the House Energy and Commerce Committee members on the actions GM is taking in response to the ignition switch recall. As outlined by Ms. Barra last week, these efforts include fixing the failures identified in the Valukas report, building a culture centered on safety, quality and excellence, and doing what’s right for victims and their families.”

Barra’s outlined steps are great first ones in reaching out to affected families and rebuilding the country’s—and the world’s—trust in the GM name.