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Mary Poppins and the Nissan Altima are Practically Perfect in Every Way

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Nissan Altima Mary Poppins 2In case you haven’t heard, this week Mary Poppins Returns takes holiday movie crowds back to their childhoods and London’s Cherry Tree Lane. While the magical nanny entrances audiences young and old, Nissan commercials featuring clips from the film are popping up in hopes that some of her sparkle will rub off on the all-new Altima.

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So far, two minute-long videos featuring the Altima and Mary Poppins together have been uploaded to Nissan’s YouTube account. Both compare parts of the movie creative process to the steps required to redesign a vehicle, with one focused on design and the other on technology. You can see them for yourself below.

Considering Nissan’s partnerships with Disney for the recent Star Wars films and A Wrinkle in Time, we weren’t that surprised that the two companies were working together again. However, we are a bit miffed by the lack of show cars. Nissan produced three lovely Nissan LEAF vehicles for Wrinkle that echoed the costume designs of the three Mrs W characters, and Star Wars movies get various models made to look like spaceships. Why was there no Mary Poppins car? Considering that the Nissan Rogue is one of the best-selling vehicles in America, it would have been a great choice to receive a blue body and red roof to match Mary Poppins’s new costume.

Maybe Nissan was upset that the only identifiable vehicle in the film was an old Ford.*

Nissan Altima Mary Poppins

Even though they didn’t bring a special car to the party, Nissan North America executives did attend the premiere of Mary Poppins Returns. The backdrop for the red carpet featured the Nissan logo alongside the title of the movie.

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If you head to the theater to see the movie, it’s possible that you will see one of these Nissan/Disney videos for yourself on the big screen. A member of our staff reported that one played before the movie at a Regal Cinema. No matter if the commercial comes on or not, you can’t go wrong spending time in the theater with Mary Poppins on her latest adventure with the Banks children.

*To be fair, the movie takes place during the Great Slump of the 1930s, when Nissan wasn’t in the UK

News Source: MediaPost