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Mazda Joins Forces With Technology Institute and Saudi Aramco For Gas Engine Research

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When it comes to engine technology, Mazda definitely holds most of its expertise in its gas engine research. The fuel efficiency gains of its SKYACTIV technology has allowed the automaker to continue offering only gas engines when other automakers are offering more and more electric and hybrid models.

However, as Mazda plans its first electric vehicle for the market, in the background it has entered a joint research project into internal combustion engines and a new kind of gasoline.

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Mazda Motor Corporation is allying with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Saudi Aramco (the national petroleum company of Saudi Arabia) for the project.

Well, sort of. Saudi Aramco is working on creating a fuel refining process to make a fuel that produces less carbon dioxide emissions. Meanwhile, Mazda is working mostly with AIST on researching and developing an efficient engine that can run on the new fuel.

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Taken together, the research is trying to make a low-carbon fuel and the technology to use it, but it sounds a bit like Saudi Aramco is like that quiet person in the group project who goes off to finish their part, and then sends their work to the rest of the group when they finish.

Mazda is billing this as part of its sustainability vision, which it dubbed “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030.” The plan called for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the well to the wheels, and it sure seems like involving the people who own the wells in the process makes sense.