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Mazda NAIAS Display, Volvo NAIAS Display, and Even More Displays (Oh My!)

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Marci and I could see the General Motors display up ahead and were incredibly eager to finally see the Corvette Stingray in the flesh, so we felt rushed going through the next few booths.

A highlight of the Mazda NAIAS display was the shiny, red MAZDA3. We couldn’t get inside as we were fenced off, but we were in too much of a hurry either way.

Mazda NAIAS display: Mazda3

The all-new MAZDA3

Also on display was the SKYACTIV® Technology-powered 2014 Mazda Prototype, likewise in red but boldly bearing the word “SKYACTIV” all over its body (to really drive home the fact that it was powered by SKYACTIV, in case we weren’t aware…).

Mazda NAIAS display:

The SKYACTIV Technology-Powered 2014 Mazda Prototype

Across the way was Volvo, which was spinning the XC Coupe Concept on its biggest turntable. Ahead of the concept’s release, a Volvo press release explained the statement that the XC Coupe would make: “The next chapter in Volvo Cars’ new design story showcases how the company’s famous safety technology as well as a contemporary Scandinavian active lifestyle could be integrated into the new architecture.”

Volvo NAIAS display: XC Coupe

Volvo unveiled the all-new XC Coupe Concept.


Volvo NAIAS display: XC Coupe

A closeup of the XC Coupe Concept

The Volvo NAIAS display also featured the V60 and the XC60, among several others.

Volvo NAIAS display: V60

The Volvo V60


Volvo NAIAS display: XC60

The XC 60

Itching to see the Stingray, Marci and I sped past the Land Rover and Jaguar displays, stopping only to snap a few photos. The General Motors displays were much too enticing to waste any more time.

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