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Mazda Sponsors Vintage Japanese Road Rally

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History of the Mazda Logo

Mazda has been making cars for more than 85 years, and so has a long history of famous and historic vehicles, leading all the way up to now, as Mazda has aptly adopted the slogan “Driving Matters.” So, it only makes sense that Mazda has decided to collaborate with Japanese Nostalgic Car to sponsor Touge California, a road rally of all-Japanese vintage cars (the only one in the US), to take place on April 2nd. This year, the rally will feature 28 rare original Japanese vehicles from the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s, which will drive 200 miles up the California coast from San Diego to the Mazda R&D facility in Irvine. Only vehicles built 40 years ago or older are eligible to be included.

“We’re proud to sponsor Touge California, as it fits perfectly with Mazda’s heritage and celebration of the innovations that continue to shape the auto industry into what it is today,” said Robert Davis, MNAO’s Senior VP, U.S. Operations. “We’re a company that relishes driving enjoyment—from our heritage vehicles to today’s award-winning lineup of SKYACTIV cars and crossovers. We couldn’t emphasize that point more than to take some of our own vehicles and enjoy Touge California with those who love driving as much as we do.”

Eleven of the rally vehicles are Mazdas, including unique vehicles like a 1978 GLC compact hatchback, and two rotary vehicles: the 1985 RX-7 GSL-SE and 1975 Rotary-Engine Pickup.

“Our heritage cars aren’t just museum pieces; they’re meant to be driven,” said Davis. “This is a rare chance to see all of these beautiful vintage cars where they were meant to be—on the road.”