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Mazda To Launch China-Exclusive Electric

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Mazda announced here in the states that it would bring an electric car to us sometime in 2019 (most likely mostly focused on dealerships in California). However, the U.S. isn’t the only market where electric cars are becoming more of a necessity. China is pushing hard for so-called “New Energy” vehicles, and now Mazda, with Chinese joint venture partner Changan Automobile Group, will start offering electric vehicles in the world’s biggest car market.

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Mazda is set to release the new electric vehicle on the mainland in 2020. Although this puts it in a similar time frame to the American-market electric, it seems like it will be a significantly different vehicle, likely a small SUV. Changan apparently will be in charge of acquiring motors, batteries, and other electric car components, while Mazda will design the body.

Similarly, Mazda said it would continue its 50/50 partnership with Changan. Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto told reporters in Japan that the company had no plans to review the agreement. He also told them it was clear that China would be the car center of the world five and 10 years down the road.

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Over the last fiscal year, Mazda sold 320,000 vehicles in China. However, a recent slump in the market drained sales. The new electric car would go a good way toward making up the lost ground.

This new electric will join the number of new vehicles and developments Mazda is set to unveil. “We’re putting out all at once the technological development done over the past three or four years,” Marumoto said. “I expect to elevate the Mazda brand even higher.”

News Source: Nikkei Asian Review