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Mercedes-AMG GT Could Cost $100,000 in U.S.

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2016 Mercedes-AMG GTWhile the majority of the world spent the early afternoon yesterday caught up in the majesty that is a slightly bigger new iPhone, a slightly bigger iPhone than that slightly bigger new iPhone, and an iPhone in a watch, auto enthusiasts were paying good attention to the reveal of the Mercedes-AMG GT. After wading through months of teasers, the GT was revealed to be pretty much everything folks had hoped for in a follow up to the pricey SLS AMG (and they didn’t even have to sit through a three-hour fever dream rendition of Our Town mashed into an episode of Doctor Who to get there). Today, Bloomberg suggests that the Mercedes-AMG GT will be lighter than its SLS AMG predecessor and will ultimately end up costing European drivers $129,000.


Bloomberg quotes IHS Automotive in believing that that GT will double the sales of the SLS but likely trail sales of the 911 and F-Type even with peak sales in its first year. Given that the price of a new SLS AMG coupe starts just shy of $200,000, this is a fair guess.

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It’s estimated that the GT will cost about 100,000 Euros, which is right around $129,000. Will it actually cost that much in the United States? It’s hard to say, but Jalopnik compares this price point to that of the F-Type R, which goes for 103,700 Euros but only $99,000 in the United States. This could reasonably lead one to believe that the Mercedes-AMG GT will be available for around $100,000 when it arrives stateside next spring.

Bloomberg reports that the Mercedes-AMG GT will wind up being about 440 lbs lighter than the SLS AMG, which would put it around 3,170 lbs, but Jalopnik seems to have it on pretty good authority that the GT will weight 3,395 lbs.

Official specs and figures are sure to follow in the months ahead, so we’ll see just how the GT stacks up to its rivals from Porsche and Jaguar.

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