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Mercedes-Benz Headquarters Moving from New Jersey to Atlanta

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Mercedes-Benz Headquarters Moving from New Jersey to Atlanta

Strap your hands across Mercedes-Benz’s engines, ’cause baby they were born to run

Deciding that the state of New Jersey is a death trap and a suicide rap that they’ve got to get out of while they’re young, Mercedes-Benz USA has announced plans to abandon New Jersey and relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. Of course, the automaker was a bit more diplomatic than that when it announced that the Mercedes-Benz headquarters would be leaving its present location of Montvale, New Jersey, for the greener pastures of Hotlanta, the Capital of the Dirty South.

“New Jersey has been a wonderful home to our U.S. operations for our first 50 years, and still is today,” said Mercedes-Benz President and CEO, Stephen Cannon, tactfully avoiding use of the phrase “death trap” when referring to the Garden State. “The state has worked tirelessly with us as we evaluated our options. Ultimately, though, it became apparent that to achieve the sustained, profitable growth and efficiencies we require for the decades ahead, our headquarters would have to be located elsewhere. That brought us to Atlanta.”

Mercedes-Benz Headquarters Moving from New Jersey to Atlanta

The Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Montvale, New Jersey, as it looked back in 1973

The company announced plans to build a brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters, which is expected to be completed by 2017. In July of this year, Mercedes-Benz will begin moving employees. The big move, which will impact approximately 1,000 employees, is going to be phased for a smooth transition. Several operational areas in Montvale and Robbinsville, New Jersey, will remain in the Garden State.

Republican New Jersey Governor and Jerry Jones BFF, Chris Christie, has already blamed the state’s taxes for the Mercedes-Benz headquarters moving away. Perhaps those taxes are also the reason that even Chris Christie doesn’t seem to enjoy spending that much time in New Jersey anymore.

But don’t cry, NJ – Subaru still loves you.