Mercedes-Benz S-Class History

Mercedes-Benz S-Class History

Mercedes-Benz S-Class History


The Mercedes-Benz S-Class was first introduced with that name officially in 1972, allowing Mercedes to make its first emphasis on safety, rather than styling. Even today, the S-Class continues to offer some of the most popular vehicles in the brand’s lineup.

Early History

The S-Class is a series of luxury sedans that has been produced in Germany, Mexico, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia since 1954, though it wasn’t introduced under the nomenclature of “S-Class” until 1972. It succeeded the W180 and W108 lines. The S-Class, being considered the “special class” of Mercedes, has debuted many of the brand’s latest technologies, including drivetrain technologies, interior features, and safety systems, such as the first seatbelt pretensioners.

Recent History

When it was first introduced, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class was all about safety. Now, while safety is still a priority, styling and performance take top priority with multiple powertrains offered, including a new hybrid and ultrahigh-performance options.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Fun Facts

  • The name “S-Class” is an abbreviation of the German name “Sonderklasse,” which means “special class”
  • Six generations of officially named S-Class sedans have been produced
  • First generation offered the very first padded door trim around windows and heavily padded steering wheel
  • Mercedes-Benz used the S-Class to build the world’s first driverless cars

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