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Mercedes’ Ecoluxe Could Pump Out Four Tesla Fighters by 2021

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Ecoluxe could result in an EV version of something akin to the GLE 450 AMG 4MATIC

Earlier in 2014, Mercedes-Benz sold off its stake in Tesla, leaving many to wonder if the move signaled plans to compete against the Model S or Model X.

According to Automobile, Mercedes may actually have an answer for both the Model S and the Model X, which would be brought about by a program being referred to as Exoluxe.

The Ecoluxe platform will purportedly be the $2 billion plot to conquer Tesla, featuring as many as four different vehicles by 2021. The first model is rumored to be a long-wheelbase crossover with either five or seven seats, which would make it an ideal product for the Chinese marketplace. It’s said that this vehicle will be about the size of the GLE-Class, will carry a $125,000 price tag, and—because it’s Mercedes—be called a Sport Utility Coupe.

Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG 4MATIC Coupe (2)

This is not a coupe, and yet it is a coupe

The follow-up would then likely be a “sport-utility sedan,” described as an E-Class with a longer wheelbase and an available third row. Next up, a conventional sedan and crossover would pad out the lineup, giving Mercedes all the firepower it would need to draw swords against Tesla.

Also worth noting from the report: Mercedes would need to jumpstart a new manufacturing facility in Europe or North America in order to accommodate as many as 80,000 vehicles per year, possibly including PHEVs built on the modular architecture.

Of course, nearly everything about Ecoluxe is conjecture, so it goes without saying that it should be taken with a bag-sized grain of salt.