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Mercedes Stars in This Year’s Goodwood Central Feature

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Goodwood Central Feature

Mercedes previously starred in the 2001 Goodwood Central Feature

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, the front lawn of the Goodwood House will celebrate Mercedes-Benz—specifically, 120 years of motorsport excellence and 100 years since a 1-2-3 finish at the 1914 French Grand Prix. The three remaining Mercedes GP vehicles from that race will be featured at Goodwood this year.

The Goodwood Central Feature will be sculpted by Gerry Judah, who also manufactured the sculpture honoring the Porsche 911 at last year’s FoS. Judah’s past works for the Festival of Speed go back as far as 1997; over the course of 17 years, Judah has done sculptures honoring: Ferrari (1997), Porsche (1998), Audi (1999), Jaguar (2000), Mercedes-Benz (2001), Renault (2002), Ford (2003), Rolls-Royce (2004), Honda (2005), Renault (2006), Toyota (2007), Land Rover (2008), Audi (2009), Alfa Romeo (2010), Jaguar (2011), Lotus (2012), and Porsche (2013).

Judah’s 2001 sculpture honored Mercedes-Benz’ 100th anniversary by placing a 300SL at the top of a metal structure made to resemble a large geyser. This year’s Goodwood Central Feature is being called “the most architecturally challenging and spectacular installation ever seen at Goodwood.”

Via the Goodwood website:

“Daimler and Benz vehicles were winning races and repeatedly setting speed records from the very earliest days of motoring. As the Festival’s leading marque, Mercedes motorsport success will be marked at all levels, with everything from GP-winning Silver Arrows of the pre-war years to the monstrous Sauber-Mercedes C9 and CLK GTR sports cars of the 1980s and ’90s. Visitors can also expect to see Mercedes saloon and rally cars – as well as the current F1 team (with drivers!) which has made such a strong start to the season.”Goodwood Central Feature

Mercedes-Benz vehicles will also be on display during the Thursday, June 26 Moving Motor Show and in the Michelin Supercar Paddock.

Judah’s design is scheduled to be revealed on the Thursday preceding the June 26-29 show.Goodwood Central Feature