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Michigan Woman Wins Chevy Camaro from Menards

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Menards Camaro Winner

Chevy Camaro Winner Mary VanDenBosch
Photo: MLive

Many stores throughout the country host giveaways to thank their customers during peak shopping times. Entries ask for a customer to give their contact information for the hope of winning a prize. They range from store gift cars to shopping sprees, even cars. But does anyone ever really win the big prize?

One woman from Monitor Township, Michigan would respond with a resounding yes. Mary VanDenBosch and her husband Dave enter contests as often as they can, and many times will enter other people for more chances to win. This month, Mary received a call from Menards to inform her that she had finally won. Her prize? A 2015 Chevrolet Camaro worth about $33,000.

According to the VanDenBosch family, this is the first major win for Mary after all of their entries. In the 1990s, Dave won a $3,000 shopping spree from an Alaskan grocery store. While the family is very excited to have won the Camaro, Mary listed the car on Craigslist and hopes to sell it so that the money can be divided towards several projects, including a kitchen remodel and a used car for Dave to drive. It turns out there is more than one way for a Chevrolet Camaro to be a blessing.

News Source: MLive