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Midnight Cowboy’s Iconic “I’m Walkin’ Here!” Through Time

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I'm Walkin' Here midnight cowboy

Photo: United Artists

Midnight Cowboy came out in 1969 and won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Director, but even still many people have not seen this movie.  Regardless, whether you have watched it or not, I am sure you know that iconic scene.

“I’m walkin’ here!”

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You may not even know that you have seen the scene, but it has been slipped into some of your favorite movies and television shows for decades.  And if you have not seen the following parodies of “I’m walkin’ here!”…well, needless to say, you need to have a movie night!

Recently in 2000, the scene was recreated in Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality.  This is also the scene that most closely resembles the scene in Midnight Cowboy.  But, the taxi we see is just circa the era and is not very exciting.  Although, the scene is hilarious!

In 1994, the scene was remade in Forrest Gump, which is an iconic film in its own right.  Yet again, we are disappointed to not see the scene redone with a unique car; rather, just another standard taxi.

In 1989 in Back to the Future Part II, we are rewarded with a unique car for the “I’m walkin’ here” scene!

This car is cool to see, not because it is an iconic car, but because it is what people in 1989 believed cars may look like in 2015.  We are aware from seeing the 2015 lineups that this car does not actually exist, although it would be so cool if someone actually made it!  But, if you squint, it kind of looks like the 2015 Lamborghini.  So, maybe they were closer than we thought!

Hopefully, we will continue to see this scene in more movies and TV shows to come, and– if we’re lucky–“I’m walking here!” will be yelled at some iconic cars!

If you can think of any other scenes that are flashing back to Midnight Cowboy, let me know in the comments!

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