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Minecraft User Builds World’s Least-Aerodynamic Corvette

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Minecraft Corvette YouTube video

“Kill me”

What’s the ugliest Corvette you’ve ever seen?

Was it that one that had a leopard-skin paint job? How about the one that was wrapped in pepperoni pizza decals? Or maybe the one that was turned into a literal toilet on wheels?

Well, none of those are as hideous (or as fundamentally non-aerodynamic) as the Corvette built by Minecraft player and YouTube user JBarn2024, who tried recreating the classic American muscle car in his latest Let’s Build video.

Take a look:

This chunky monstrosity looks less like a Chevy Corvette and more like the kind of convertible that the Blockheads from Gumby would drive. Seriously, when people talk about a Chevy “big block,” this is not what they have in mind…

But you can’t really blame ol’ JBarns2024, considering the tools he has to work with. A Corvette’s signature design is defined by its curvy silhouette, which is pretty difficult to recreate using bricks.

By contrast, the Chevy dealership (and Walmart, for that matter) look very good. As a general rule of thumb, though, a Minecraft Corvette isn’t going to turn out looking real hot.

Now, if he were to make a Minecraft Nissan Cube, that would be a different story…