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Minnesota Police Preach Don’t Netflix and Drive

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Don’t Netflix and Drive.

Me: Siri, what’s on TV?
Siri: I will tell you when you’re done driving.

You have heard the command “Don’t text and drive,” but here’s a new one – Don’t Netflix and drive.

This is what the Minnesota State Patrol is preaching on its Facebook page this week, following chaos on the freeway near the end of last month.

On October 26, a Minnesota woman drove her car off the side of the road because she was watching Netflix on her tablet device. To make things worse, it was resting on the passenger seat.

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More than likely, she hated long drives as much as the average commuter, but the license plate game would have been a better choice. With her iPad off to her right, her attention to the screen made her a nightmare on four wheels, spooking the drivers around her like a werewolf to Scooby Doo.

The State Patrol mentioned that “numerous callers reported the vehicle crossing the lane lines, driving onto the shoulder, and driving in and out of the grass next to the shoulder.”

That sounds like a recipe for disaster that would drive anyone up a wall, not just off the road.

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The crash on Interstate 94 near the Minnesota-North Dakota border had a domino effect on traffic behind it as four additional vehicles collided in a separate wreck. The secondary crash involved injuries and trips to the hospital by ambulance.

You may have your favorite TV show, or you may have five shows you are watching all at once. However, save it for the couch at home.

Like Minnesota state troopers say, “Driving and Netflix don’t mix.”

The wheel of fortune you drive behind will be your misfortune if you neglect your responsibility to focus on the road.

You only live this life once. When the show’s over, the show’s over. There are no cliffhangers.

Source: KCCI Des Moines