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Mitsubishi Hyaku Concept Envisions Future of the Brand

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Mitsubishi Hyaku ConceptAs part of its centennial celebration, Mitsubishi Motors designer Gábor Farkas drew up a slick new concept called the Hyaku, from the Japanese word for “100.”

While Farkas’ most famous design studies tend to be derived from models of old, the Hyaku Concept stands out for looking toward the future, in which—if the renders are of any indication—Mitsubishi sees itself producing a self-driving electric coupe (then again, we already know that Mitsubishi definitely wants to do that at some point).

For Farkas, that meant embracing “Shibui,” a traditional Japanese aesthetic style that uses clean, minimalist lines unburdened by extraneous and unnecessary elements. For instance, the Hyaku Concept doesn’t feature a grille, even as its LED strips and chrome details hint at Mitsubishi’s signature “Dynamic Shield” design.

Dynamic Shield: The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander makes full use of the signature grille

There are no pillars to obstruct the windows, no visible sensors, and no extra aerodynamic appendages to be seen. Something that can’t be seen but can be guessed at, on the other hand, is the ample amount of space under the front hood where luggage can be stored, thanks to the compact electric powertrain components.

The silhouette strikes us as resembling that of a classic grand tourer, though Farkas says otherwise: to him, it’s a high-speed Shinkansen train. Actually, it looks a bit like a Nissan 370Z…a Mitsubishi adaption of which might actually be possible now that the two companies are working together.

In any case, it’s clear the Hyaku will never come off the artist’s page and come into the real world even in a physical concept form viewable at some auto show. Still, it’s nice to know Mitsubishi is still rattling its brain for ideas.

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