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Three New Mitsubishi Hybrid Concepts to Be Unveiled in Tokyo

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Mitsubishi Hybrid ConceptsHave you ever heard of the term fashionably late?  That’s how Mitsubishi is arriving to the hybrid vehicle party, but don’t think that it’s a bad thing.  The automaker, whose absence in the EV market has been conspicuous for some time, intends to arrive at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show  on November 20.  Mitsubishi’s aces in the hole to ensure a super-slick presence?  Not one, but three new Mitsubishi hybrid concepts.

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By biding its time, Mitsubishi was able to observe what hybrid technology works best and which is most appealing to consumers.  The Japanese automaker also nailed the fashionable aspect of that equation, as each of the three Mitsubishi hybrid concepts flaunt a futuristic styling that we hope is indicative of the next wave in Mitsubishi design.

The MITSUBISHI Concept GC–PHEV, Concept XR-PHEV and Concept AR will all make their debut in Tokyo, but hybrid capability is not the only technology these concepts with be boasting.

According to the automaker’s press release, “all three concepts feature [Mitsubishi’s] latest ‘e-Assist’ active safety technologies and the advanced ‘connected car’ technology that utilizes next-generation information systems. These functions include a danger detection system which activates the corresponding safety functions and a failure/malfunction early-detection system which urges the driver to seek repairs or other maintenance when necessary.”

We’ll know more about the Mitsubishi hybrid concepts after their November 20 reveal, so be sure to check back with us for the most up-to-date information!

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