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Mitsubishi Is Reportedly Planning to Introduce a New Pickup Truck to the U.S. Market by 2024

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Although Mitsubishi is eager to reenter the mid-size truck segment, the automaker wants to get its new mid-size truck right the first time

New Mitsubishi Triton World Debut
Drivers eager for a Mitsubishi truck in the U.S. may not have to wait much longer
Photo: Mitsubishi

One of the fastest-growing segments in the automotive industry is the mid-size truck segment. Mitsubishi has recently expressed interest in introducing a pickup truck of its own.

Said mid-size model could arrive in the states sometime around 2024.

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The last time that Mitsubishi sold a mid-size pickup trucks was back in 2009. At the time, the Mitsubishi Raider was a rebadged version of the Dodge Dakota, which Mitsubishi was able to utilize due to both automakers having an alliance with Daimler at the time.

However, Mitsubishi’s partnership with Daimler quickly evaporated, and the brand exited the mid-size truck market. With that market growing faster than ever, now might be the perfect time for the Japanese automaker to reenter it.

Mitsubishi already has a truck in markets outside the U.S.: the Mitsubishi Triton. This compact pickup is available in 150 different countries.

Mitsubishi is also working with Nissan on a new pickup platform. That platform will underpin future iterations of the Mitsubishi Triton and the Nissan Frontier.

2016 nissan frontier
The next Nissan Frontier will allegedly ride on a Mitsubishi platform
Photo: Nissan

A Mitsubishi pickup is also a highly requested model amongst consumers. Mitsubishi dealerships have stated that the model consumers want added the most to Mitsubishi’s lineup is a truck.

Still, Mitsubishi wants to avoid rushing development for a U.S.-bound pickup truck. Instead, the automaker wants to get its reentry into the segment right the first time.

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“We would like to have (a pickup), but we’d have to have one that’s the right fit for Mitsubishi, for our demographic, and something that’s really competitive in the market,” stated Mark Chaffin, chief operating officer-Mitsubishi Motors North America.

It might be easy to assume Mitsubishi will miss the boat in terms of hype for pickup trucks if it waits too long to introduce a new truck model. On the other hand, if Mitsubishi perfects its pickup prior to its introduction, the brand may very well have a bona fide hit.

News Source: Wards Auto