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Mitsubishi Unveils XM Concept Crossover SUV in Indonesia

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Mitsubishi XM Concept Crossover SUV

The Mitsubishi XM Concept Crossover SUV will be the brand’s newest addition to its lineup

Mitsubishi’s plan to focus mostly on SUVs in its lineup is no secret. In fact, the Japanese carmaker has even gone as far as to promise a new SUV each year until 2021. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that Mitsubishi is already on the way to creating another new SUV—but this one is going to be tiny.

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During the Indonesia International Auto Show 2016, which occurred earlier this year, the Japanese carmaker introduced a brand-new crossover concept vehicle, called the Mitsubishi XM. This concept vehicle was teased a few weeks prior and, rumor has it, this vehicle is going to be the basis for Mitsubishi’s future mini multi-purpose vehicle.

There are an awful lot of similarities between the Mitsubishi XM Concept Crossover SUV and the brand’s previous eX concept, which debuted last year. The biggest difference, though, is the XM Concept’s higher rear tailgate, which gives it the look of a hatchback, and its slightly less streamlined roof. Larger side windows, smaller wheels, and roof racks attached to the top also help the XM stand out from the popular Mitsubishi eX Concept, which got the production nod earlier this year.

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The XM concept offers three rows of seating inside, which means it has enough room to seat seven passengers comfortably even though it’s on the small side. There are no interior shots available at this time, but we should hopefully get a glimpse of it soon since the production of Mitsubishi’s new MPV is set to start in October 2017.

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