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Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show: A Personalized Touch

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Fiat Chrysler’s Mopar is all about customization, and the brand is making that quite clear this week at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. On display this week at the show are two Jeep Renegades and one Dodge Challenge T/A Concept, all of which have been personalized with Mopar products.

Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show: Off-Road Jeep Renegade

The Trailhawk Renegade on display wears a unique Commando Green skin (and obviously no underwear) and sports giant graphics on the side in an X-shape to match the tail lamps, which are also styled with X-shapes. And since the model is bowing in Detroit, the hood decal is fittingly a Mopar Topographic Hood with a map of Motor City.

Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show | Off-Road Jeep Renegade

Other features for the off-road Mopar-equipped Jeep Renegade include satin black wheels with a single spoke in Colorado red, prototype rock rails, a Mopar skid plate kit, a concept skid plate, and a satin black Mopar roof basket, among others. Inside, the Renegade sports a Commando Green center console, speaker grilles, and HVAC bezels. The interior boasts Katzkin leather seat covers and a satin black trim for the wheel, door lever, and shifter.

Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show | Off-Road Jeep Renegade

Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show: Urban Jeep Renegade

As demonstrated in Jeep’s awesome “River in the City” ad, the Renegade is comfortable both off-road and in the city. Mopar’s urban version of the Renegade aims to further prove that. The 4×4 monster fits in quite well on urban streets, especially with the Omaha orange touches that offset the Anvil paint of the Renegade. The orange makes its way to the satin black wheels, the mirror caps, the tail lamp surrounds, the grille rings, and the roof rails.

Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show | Urban Jeep Renegade

Mopar added a hitch bike carrier onto the rear, and also brought the Katzkin (which sounds unfortunately too much like cat skin) from the off-road model and used it for the leather seats on this baby as well. The Omaha orange finds its way onto the speaker grilles, center console, and HVAC bezels.

Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show | Urban Jeep Renegade

Mopar at the Detroit Auto Show: Dodge Challenger T/A Concept

We got a look at the Dodge Challenger T/A Concept at SEMA last November, when Mopar unveiled a number of modified models from the Fiat Chrysler lineup. The model on display in Detroit wears Sublime Green paint and features full-length matte black T/A graphics. It’s also got a center scoop hood with Mopar gloss black hood pins, to allow for Mopar’s own induction system. The concept is powered by a 6.4-liter 392 HEMI engine.

Other exterior features for the model include 20×9.5-inch matte black lightweight forged aluminum wheels, Air Catcher headlamps with hidden LED lights, and other race-inspired design elements.

The interior is marked with a flat bottom steering wheel with perforated leather and gloss black bezels. Continuing the racing heritage of the T/A are the carbon fiber seats.

Stay tuned to all the big reveals this week at the Detroit Auto Show, here at The News Wheel.