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More Ford Studies: People in Seattle and Denver Also Have Feelings About Vehicle Stuff

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Ford Smart Mobility Experience

Ford is rolling along on its Smart Mobility Tour, which has passed through Seattle and Denver after a successful stop in Orlando. While Ford was doing its thing in Orlando, it released the results of a little survey conducted with 300 of the city’s residents, the results of which supported the automaker’s implementation of mobility and infotainment technologies in its new vehicles. Well, guess what: Ford did the same thing for Seattle and Denver!

According to the Seattle survey, 60% of drivers/passengers are afraid of dangerous drivers on the road, 74% are concerned with their ability to accurately check blind spots, 73% are concerned with backing up their vehicles and not being able to see hidden obstacles, and 71% don’t like backing up into busy roads.

Funnily enough, this means about 90% of those surveyed would find Ford technologies like Blind Spot Information System and Pro trailer Backup Assist super useful. Almost as if that’s the answer that Ford was angling for all along!

It was much of the same story in Denver, where 68% of drivers are concerned about blind spots, 67% are concerned about backing up and not seeing everything, and 62% are concerned about backing up onto busy streets. Only 60% of people in the Mile High City say that they’d prefer a vehicle with blind spot detection or a rear-view camera, but hey, it’s still a majority!

The Ford Smart Mobility Tour visits LA next week. Expect another survey!