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More Model Diversity and an Increase in Female Vehicle Owners in the UK

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In the UK, there are 21% of female vehicle owners and 10% more male ones now than there were a decade ago, according to statistics from Motorparc, an analysis department of Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT).

This same entity also indicated a plethora of other trends in the region. For instance, there’s a wider range of models on UK roads now than there were 10 years ago. 1,500 models with 65,000 model specifications exist today, compared to just 1,200 and 56,000.

New cars are also on the rise. 22.5% of vehicles are less than three years old, as of 2017. In addition, the top vehicle colors have changed. Back in 2007, the top three vehicle colors were blue, silver, and red. As of 2017, silver, black, and blue were the top-selling vehicle shades.

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Electric, plug-in, and green energy vehicles now comprise 10% of the new vehicle market. Birmingham boasts 8.7% of the national total, which makes it one of the primary contributors to this surge in EV and plug-in hybrid models.

The demand for mixed use vehicles like pickup trucks—used for both business and personal transportation needs—has increased by more than 90%, signifying 10.2% of the market.

The small car segment demonstrates another key area of growth in the UK. It’s grown 2.3% from 2007. More vehicle owners are opting for mini and supermini models, which comprise 62.3% of the market.

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As Mike Hawes, boss with SMMT, articulates, “Consumers are enjoying greater freedom and mobility than ever before, which, along with greater reliability and improved fuel efficiency, make owning a car a more attractive and affordable option for millions of people.”

It will be interesting to see how these trends continue to grow and shift as 2018 plays out. Considering that fuel efficiency, advanced infotainment, and high-tech driver assist technology are becoming top consumer demands in the industry as a whole, it’s likely that the popularity of small cars and green energy vehicles will increase even more in the UK.

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News Source: Autocar