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High-Formability Steel Will Improve Performance in New Nissan Vehicles

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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. plans to bolster more of its new vehicles with high-formability steel in an effort to increase performance quality and reduce harmful emissions. The ultrastrong steel also creates a lighter vehicle.

The use of this revolutionary steel will mark another innovation for the automaker, as Nissan will be the first carmaker to utilize it in its vehicles.

“The steel’s combination of stamping formability and strength makes it possible to form parts with complex shapes that are thinner and lighter than those made of conventional high tensile strength steel, while maintaining the ability to absorb energy in a collision,” reports Nissan.

Although Nissan plans to use the steel more broadly in its new vehicles, it has already made a difference in the INFINITI QX50, which sports the 980-megapascal ultrahigh tensile strength material in its rear side and front. The premium midsize sedan made its market debut in March in the U.S.

Photo Gallery: 2019 INFINITI QX50:

“The company is aggressively developing technologies to expand the use of ultrahigh tensile strength steel, aiming for it to make up 25% of the company’s vehicle parts by weight. The material makes up 27% of the new QX50,” Nissan reports.