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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Car Moms – Part 2

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No matter how many trips your mom takes in her vehicle, there’s always a few ways to upgrade her drive. Here are some more gift ideas for car enthusiast moms, in case you’re in need of some fresh ideas about what to get her this Mother’s Day.

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Sun Shade

Protect your mom’s car dashboard from harmful UV rays with a fashionable sun shade. Designs range from beach views and leopard prints to popular TV shows like Bob’s Burgers, so it’s easy to find one that suits her style.


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Hands-Free Calling Adapter

Help keep your mom safer when she’s streaming playlists, listening to the radio, or wants to make a call while driving. This hands-free calling wireless radio adapter is bound to make her life easier and make it simpler to keep in touch with loved ones even when she’s away from home.


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Car Purse Hooks

Moms need to stay organized while on the go. Having a secure place to put her purse, like this double hook design from OnChee, will make her drive even more enjoyable. You can also check out the four-pack one from Ofspower, available via Amazon here, which is useful for holding multiple bags in place.


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Car Vacuum

A mini vacuum that you can bring along in the car is the perfect way to keep the cabin clean. It’s a useful gadget for any mom who spends a lot of time on the road, especially if she tends to eat in the car, bring along shedding pets, or transport young passengers.



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