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MSLGROUP Named Cadillac’s New Public Relations Firm

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Cadillac has a brand-new promotional partner
Photo: Cadillac

Cadillac is currently experiencing something of a brand transition. It recently relocated its headquarters from New York City back to Michigan, it’s set to serve as GM’s flagship brand for EVs, and it plans to add a new model to its lineup every six months.

With all of those changes inbound, Cadillac determined it was time to change the way it promoted its vehicles. That’s why Cadillac recently brought in MSLGROUP as its new public relations firm.

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Previously, Kovert Creative had served as the PR firm for Cadillac. It had held this position since 2016.

But after a thorough market review, Cadillac determined that MSLGROUP would be the best fit for making its new promotional goals a reality.

“The time is right to make a change and we felt MSL provided the expertise in data and analytics and media skills that we really need,” explained Cadillac communications boss Michael Albano.

Albono went on to state that Cadillac’s mission is currently to “recapture the imagination of the buying public.” Doing so would help make Cadillac a premier luxury automaker once again.

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For its part, MSLGROUP seems to be excited about the partnership.

“It is a thrill to partner with Cadillac at this important and transformational moment,” stated the CEO of MSL US, Diana Littman. “We couldn’t be more committed to building the business, and this brand’s incredible story.”

Once Cadillac starts ramping up its strategy to beef up its lineup with numerous EV models, that new promotional campaign will be vital to the automaker’s success.

News Source: The Holmes Report