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[VIDEO] Musicians Arijit Singh & Clinton Cerejo Turn a Hyundai into a Musical Instrument

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Drive Mein Junoon music video Hyundai Elite i20 Clinton Cerejo

Practically anything can be turned into a musical instrument with some creativity and skilled mixing–even, for instance, a car.

Hyundai India has released a fun new commercial titled “Drive Mein Junoon” (drive with passion), which utilizes sounds created on a car–118 in total. The music video centers on the Elite i20, a hot hatchback from Hyundai that’s a hit in India’s car market. Plus, it features the work of talented Arijit Singh and Clinton Cerejo.

Watch a Simple Car Become a Musical Instrument

The music was created by recording, layering, and mixing sounds created directly on the car, including pounding on the hood, honking the horn, slamming the door, revving the engine, and flipping the vents. With music producer Clinton Cerejo running the programming, the track is accompanied by playback singer and programmer Arijit Singh (Aashiqui 2 and CityLights). Plus, there¬†arefashionable dancers and slick lighting effects, so it’s bound to be a hit.

The chorus, “Meri Drive Mein Junoon Hai,” expresses a passion for driving (in this case the Elite i20) and the party that it brings along. The bridge, repeating the phrase “A little wicked, a little nice/look once and you won’t think twice” emphasizes the pleasant but spunky identity the Elite i20 is being marketed with.

While this has been done before in other commercials for auto companies, none have done to the lengths of producing a full 3-minute song that’s so addicting to listen to. It retains the smooth percussion beats and characteristic style that Indian pop music is known for.

The music video has been a hit already, gathering over 2 million views in the day since it was uploaded.

Drive Mein Junoon music video Hyundai Elite i20 Arijit Singh