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Mustang Unleashed: $39 Shirts, Everyone!

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Mustang UnleashedBecause Ford understands that the impending release of the sixth-gen Mustang will generate a whole lot of pride (and a whole lotta opportunities for commercialization), it has recruited fashion names Anna Sui, Rogan, Paul Cademartori, CO|TE, and Pamela Love for the Mustang Unleashed limited-edition t-shirt line. Fancy t-shirts with Mustangs on ’em! Just what you always wanted.

For Mustang Unleashed, each designer came up with three different looks, leading to a lineup of 15 sharp-looking shirts produced by sustainable apparel maven Loomsgate. The shirts will be available for purchase sometime this month on the uber-trendy

“Mustang embraces passion, power, adventure and freedom, and by collaborating with top designers known for their expressive personalities and designs, we are blending the parallels between the worlds of fashion and automotive like never before,” said Kim Cape, Ford group marketing manager. “The Mustang Unleashed collection celebrates the passion and freedom of Mustang, and its inspiration to pop culture over the last 50 years.”

Each shirt is manufactured using 100 percent organic cotton. The women’s casual fit T-shirts will offer a distinct U/V neckline, fitted sleeves, and Loomsgate’s trademark skewed sides. Shirts in the men’s collection will be available in crewneck style.

Visit today to put in your pre-orders for the Mustang Unleashed shirt of your choice. Each one of the 15 shirts is an absolute steal at $39, down from the original $69 asking price.

Wait. $39 a shirt? And they’re originally $69. Did we mention that we also just so happen to be famous fashion designers who will sell you a one-of-a-kind Mustang shirt, hand-drawn and signed in Sharpie, for the low price of $25 bucks? Because we can totally do that. Our artistic nom de vêtements is MaGick Mar|Cur. Look us up.

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Anna Sui


Paul Cademartori


Pamela Love