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NASCAR’s Danica Patrick, Kyle Busch Receive Fines after Auto Club Races

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Danica Patrick On Track

Danica Patrick received her fine after going onto the track after an accident

Today is Danica Patrick’s 34th birthday—and it looks like she’s going to be giving NASCAR a big gift, instead of receiving one of her own. The NASCAR driver was fined after receiving a penalty from Saturday and Sunday’s races at Auto Club Speedway. But she wasn’t the only one—Kyle Busch was also fined for a separate incident.

Patrick’s fine will be a hulking $20,000 for coming towards the track after she crashed. According to a rule that was instituted after the fatal accident involving Kevin Ward Jr. and Tony Stewart at a dirt track in New York, drivers are not allowed to go near the apron or racing service following an accident. After she crashed following contact with Kasey Kahne, Patrick went onto the apron when she was gesturing in anger towards the other driver. She also received a four-race probation.

Kyle Busch Tire Troubles

Busch’s tire troubles should have gotten a caution flag—instead, they lost him the race

Kyle Busch’s fine was slightly lower than Patrick’s, coming in at $10,000 because he did not go to the media center after the Xfinity Series race on Saturday. Busch was angry that NASCAR hadn’t thrown a caution on the final lap when he blew a tire while in the lead. If they had, Busch would have won the race. Instead, Austin Dillon passed him while exiting turn four.

But that’s not all—Busch was also caught making a reference to NASCAR fixing races on his radio. For these offences, Busch has also received a four-race probation.

News Source: Yahoo! News