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Navigator Pulls In Big Bucks, But Lincoln Sales Drop Again in Februrary

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Lincoln’s sales in February tumbled 23.4% year-over-year at a total of 6,700 vehicles delivered, putting the luxury brand well behind the proverbial eight ball in terms of seeing full-year sales growth for 2018. Lincoln’s fortunes were dashed by a double-digit decline in sales volume for every vehicle in its current lineup but the all-new Navigator, which saw a 13.3% year-over-year gain at 1,063 vehicles delivered.

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Navigator also earned a sizeable 60.1% increase at retail in February. Demand continued to outstrip supply with Navigators lasting just nine days on dealer lots; the highest trim level for Navigator, Black Label, only sat on lots for six days in February before turning. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that approximately 85% of all Navigators sold were either the Reserve or Black Label trims, which in turn helped drive an incredible $19,400 uptick in the Navigator’s average transaction price (ATP) for the month.

While the popularity of the new Navigator helped Lincoln swing a $4,600 growth for ATPs, the positives largely end there for the brand. Car sales fell 32.6% at 2,138 vehicles delivered, with MKZ sales falling 33.5% at 1,380 units and Continental sales tumbling 29.7% at 758 units.

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Lincoln SUV sales were down 18.2% on the whole at 4,562 vehicles delivered. MKC was down 20.9% at 1,550 delivered, MKX was down 24.2% at 1,812 delivered, and MKT was down 52.3% at 137 delivered.

Through February, Lincoln’s sales are down 25.2% at 13,110 vehicles delivered—car sales are down 36%, and SUV sales are down 19%. Navigator sales are up 47.9% with 2,351 delivered.