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Nearly Naked Woman Walks Down Bay Bridge with No Care in the World

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A traffic jam was caused on the Bay Bridge last week after a nearly naked woman decided to take a stroll in the center lane

Typically, if there’s traffic, it’s for a good reason. While it always sucks getting stuck in a traffic jam, it’s really an everyday thing for a lot of commuters. But what if your traffic jam was caused for no good reason?

Earlier this week, commuters on the Bay Bridge near Treasure Island—an area close to San Francisco—were surprised that the traffic they were experiencing wasn’t due to an accident or construction. Instead, it was caused by a woman walking down the center lane of the bridge in her underwear.

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The topless woman was snapped in a photo by Facebook user Tony Devencenzi at around 6:30 PM local time.

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The state of mind of the woman was unclear. As the Facebook post states, there was no stopped car or accident nearby. According to California Highway Patrol, the woman started walking on the 5th Street on-ramp and onto the bridge’s western side. Other motorists reported seeing the woman fully garbed running onto eastbound Interstate 80.

While I’m all for freely expressing yourself, this woman might have taken it a bit far. Not everyone wants to see a topless woman on their way home for work. Luckily, the police arrested the woman and took her to San Francisco General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

News Source: NBC Bay Area