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Neighbors And A Dump Truck Rescue Pregnant Woman from Harvey Floods

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Water Rescue Houston Harvey

Seeing the devastation in the Gulf Coast play out on television has been heartbreaking this past week. While nothing can make this situation truly better, our hearts are a bit lighter after hearing the incredible story of neighbors banding together to get a dump truck to rescue a pregnant woman and take her to the hospital to have her baby.

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According to The Washington Post, Andrea and Greg Smith had several miscarriages before this pregnancy and they were very ready to be parents. Unfortunately, Andrea went into labor on Monday when her apartment complex’s lower level and the street outside were very flooded. Both parents are doctors, but neither one of them specializes in obstetrics. They asked their neighbors, several of whom work in the medical field, for supplies and began preparing for the possibility of a home birth. While the family got everything sanitized as best as possible, Greg heard a dump truck outside and went to flag them down. It turns out that the truck, which barely cleared floodwaters, was there to take them to the hospital.

Reportedly, a neighbor had called a family member that lived near a fire house and the firefighters formed a rescue plan to help get the mother to the hospital. Not only did the neighbors find a way for Greg and Andrea to get to the hospital, but they also walked outside and formed a human chain between the complex’s door and the truck to make sure that both parents reached the truck safely.

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Adrielle Smith was born in the wee hours of the morning and her name means that she belongs to God. We are all happy that her neighbors stepped up and helped her be born somewhere safe and clean.

News Source: The Washington Post