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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Puts Together List of 33 Cosmic Car Names

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Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets list of 33 Cosmic Car Names

Noted astrophysicist, Cosmos host, and rap battler Neil deGrasse Tyson took to Twitter yesterday to share his thoughts on vehicles. Not which ones he thinks are the most environmentally friendly, or the most technologically advanced, or even the coolest—Tyson was focused on which cars have the most outer spacey names.

It all started with this tweet about Subaru’s name and logo, which provided a little tutorial for anyone that hasn’t read our own article on the history of the brand’s badge:

Interesting stuff. But Neil wasn’t finished. No, the noted astrophysicist had some other observations to make:

Heh, yeah, that is pretty funny…

Oh, what’s that, Neil? You have a few more?

Yep, I suppose those fit, too. Welp, I guess…

Ah, OK, let’s just hear them all, Neil…

That’s right, Neil deGrasse Tyson spent his Friday making a comprehensive list of 33 different car names that are related to the cosmos! And who knows, maybe none of this interests you in the slightest. But if so, then guess what? Neil’s got a term for people like you:

Oooooh, snap!

Do you feel like Marvis Frazier circa-1986? You should. Because you just got KO’d by Tyson, bro.