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Never, EVER Try to Beat the Train: Car Ripped in Half

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Car ripped in half by train

Car ripped in half by train

Let’s recap something about trains; they are seriously heavy things. One car used by Amtrak called the Superliner smashes the scales at around 140,000 lbs, and there could be something around a half-dozen of these cars or ones like them in a train. Those things can go up to 100 mph. At speeds like that, it’s safe to say that a car that gets in the way will barely be registered by the train’s passengers.

That’s why you never, ever try to beat the train.

However, some people don’t learn too well. A Jacksonville, Florida man had his car ripped in half when he tried to cross the tracks before the train did.

Before you get worried, everyone survived, with only one person sustaining major injuries.

When the car crossed the tracks, it had three passengers. In the front seat was 21-year-old driver Stacey Peterson Jr., with 35-year-old Edward Peterson in the passenger seat. In the back, though, was Edward’s girlfriend. She wasn’t wearing a seat belt, so was thrown out of the car into the grass across the road, sustaining three cracked vertebrae.

After his son was released from the hospital, Stacey’s father, Stacey Peterson Sr., went back to the scene of the crash to collect debris.

“I’m going to give it to him as a reminder,” he said.

Let it be a reminder to everyone – in the game of car versus speeding train, the car never, ever wins.