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New 2015 Toyota Camry Commercials Released

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2015 Toyota Camry commercials

There we were, innocently trawling YouTube for  interesting car videos, when we came across a slew of new 2015 Toyota Camry commercials just hanging out on Toyota’s channel, waiting for our viewing pleasure. You might remember us covering the first two commercials in the Camry’s latest campaign a couple of weeks ago, but now more new commercials have surfaced that showcase the new Camry’s youthful style and glow.

2015 Toyota Camry Commercials: The Bucket List

The “Bucket List” is filmed from the perspective of a twentysomething (or possible earlythirtysomething) who picks up an old man—presumably his dad—and takes him on the trip of a lifetime in his Camry. The two end up in New Orleans during what appears to be Mardi Gras, and the dad gets to dance, celebrate, and revisit his youth. The message? The most important things in life aren’t “things,” but people. (And presumably, the new Camry.)

2015 Toyota Camry Commercials: The Fix

In “The Fix,” the protagonist is a young Asian businessman who is tracking down something extremely important. He drives through the city in his Camry, dodging obstacles and racing against the clock to track down his target. While we assume that he is some kind of secret agent out to save the world, it turns out he is just a caring father-to-be whose pregnant wife needs a specific type of ice cream only found at one food truck, and he goes to incredible lengths to provide her with what will make her happy. Watch and sniff away.

2015 Toyota Camry Commercials: Time to Celebrate

The third new commercial, “Time to Celebrate,” features a young couple heading out on the town to celebrate the wife’s MBA. The husband’s pick? A romantic dinner at the Ferris wheel. Unfortunately for him, security has some problems with this decision, and they proceed to chase the Camry away from the Ferris wheel and back to civilization. Of course, the husband thinks the whole thing was worth it because it made his wife smile. Everyone say “awwwwww” (and then go vomit as necessary).