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New Audi Commercials Hit It Out Of The Park

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Audi and its creative team have been hard at work, crafting new commercials to catch the public’s eye. Take a look at two of the most recent commercials to hit the air here and abroad, and take a look at one that’s getting ready to air during the first presidential debate.

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Audi Airbnb Emmy Commercial

If you were watching the Emmy awards last weekend, you probably saw this commercial play a couple of times, as Audi sponsored the Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast on ABC. The commercial featured a man collecting his paper and walking up the steps to his home in the barren wasteland of a desert. When he discovers that his family is out of coffee beans, he takes his Audi R8 for a speedy drive out on the sand to a coffee stand, also stranded in the desert.

Check out to see what happens when he realizes he forgot something very important.

One of the best parts of this commercial is that the home actually exists in Beatty, Nevada, and was open for bookings through Airbnb. The reservations came with time to drive the Audi R8 with a driving instructor. Some of the house rules include “It’s required to keep your hands at 9 and 3 o’clock, always wear your safety belt and no barefoot driving”, “Don’t play with the scorpions”, and “Don’t forget to update your bucket list”.

Emmy Commercial | The Comeback | Duel


Audi The Comeback Commercial
The T-Rex might be one of the most feared dinosaurs, but they have a pretty major fatal flaw. Of course, we’re talking about their tiny arms. Audi’s “The Comeback” imagines what would happen to the T-Rex if it was around today. The dino is sad by the limitations presented by its short arms, but it soon cheers up when it sees a self-driving Audi vehicle, because it can drive it, since you don’t need to have long arms to use the steering wheel or gear shifter.

Check out the ad below from Audi Germany for a smile today.

Emmy Commercial | The Comeback | Duel


Audi The Duel Commercial
This coming Monday is the first presidential debate. It seems as if Audi has purchased airtime during the debate for a new commercial called “Duel”, which follows a rewind of an epic combat between two individuals who seem to be crashing into a debate party. Besides the generic patriotic voting items, like buttons, and ice sculptures, there are also things more indicative of each candidate. For example, the two combatants pass by a waiter carrying a taco salad bowl, like the one featured in one of Donald Trump’s Twitter posts. They also crash into a briefcase, scattering classified documents, which could allude to Hillary Clinton’s controversy over classified information in emails.

Take a look at this commercial yourself before it hits the airwaves.

Emmy Commercial | The Comeback | Duel

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